Peacock Studios is a community of students working together to grow as painters and as individuals. Creative thinking through painting is an exercise for self improvement and the foundation for creating powerful works of art. At the same time, it can change how we see the world and view our surroundings. As a painting instructor, I am rewarded by my student’s excitement as they grow their skills and discover and refine their own creative process over time.

-Landon Peacock

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Landon Peacock is an active painter, focusing on abstracts and works inspired by nature.



Landon received his B.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he focused on color theory and layering techniques. As a painter, he was drawn to the surfaces that could be created through an understanding of these ideas. After college, he ran professionally for two years and then made the decision to pursue a career in art full-time. He is currently working towards a degree in Art Education at Kutztown University. 


Landon grew up in rural Michigan where he spent his days outside exploring the woods and nearby river. His experiences as a child engendered a deep appreciation for the natural world that inspires his paintings to this day. Landon's expressive and painterly application of layers and brilliant use of color allows him to share those same feelings of wonder and magic with others.


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